How To Create A Social Media Policy For YOUR ENTERPRISE

With offices in London and Hampshire, Plus HR provides HR consultancy and outsourced HR services to businesses great and small. Elaine Howell is its HR manager and here she explains why your business must have a social media policy as well as how to create one. How challenging has managing social media become for businesses?

Elaine Howell (EH): “I don’t think it’s as big a problem as some could have you believe. Some of our clients encourage their workers to use interpersonal to mass media at the job to activate potential and existing customers. There are several workplace distractions that require managing and some can be much more damaging to productivity. “Businesses must be practical.

Most folks have a smartphone these days and most of us are energetic on social press. Employees shall use public media. Seeking to ban social media completely isn’t realistic. But how could a small business suffer if it fails to manage social media use? EH: “If it’s extreme and not for work purposes, yes, it might damage productivity and, in some cases, the quality might suffer if personnel are sidetracked by the public press.

Another risk is online bullying by other personnel, because some social people do not realise that certain behaviour outside of work may become the employer’s responsibility. How does developing a social media policy help a small business? EH: “It offers a framework, so employees know what’s acceptable – and what isn’t.

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Work is more versatile now; people are working from home more; their hours are less rigid; which can enhance productivity, but it can make it more difficult to control their cultural mass media use even. Having a straightforward policy can prevent unreasonable social media use during work time, and reputational damage caused by ill-advised social media posts. “In a few jobs and businesses, using cultural media can be much more disruptive, in which case more guidance might be necessary.

What things should be covered by a social mass media plan? EH: “Basically, what’s sensible what’s and use undesirable. To lessen the risk, some employers ask employees not forgetting the business in their social mass media posts or information. What key elements should be included in a social media policy? EH: “It shouldn’t be considered a thick document filled with more information on ‘don’ts’.