The Women’s Organisation

Craft enthusiast Rachel Garner is expecting to bring ‘Hours of Fun’ to Liverpool and beyond. Having result from a family group of educators, 32 calendar years old Rachel experienced always sensed the pressure to go after an organized career path. She found herself working in admin and HR but couldn’t resist the pull of her true passion which was crafts and creativity.

“I have been making my own cards and other parts for 10 or 12 years now”, said Rachel. “I just love making things. A pal Rachel met through a wedding cake decorating course told her the way the Women’s Organization acquired helped her create her own business. Rachel decided to get in touch and see if she could switch her hobby into an ongoing business. Having never done a business plan before Rachel really was grateful for the assistance from her business adviser at the organization and said “The template they gave me was amazing”.

At first Rachel sensed a little overwhelmed, having never run a small business before and said “after my first conference I went home and said to my husband ‘I just can’t do it’. It’s great to now see where I am. I couldn’t have done it without The Women’s Organization”. Rachel also went to classes around publication keeping and understanding taxes and national insurance with the organization which she found were “really useful and good for meeting other people”.

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“My desire is to bring crafts to all or any ages to inspire creativeness and home crafting” she enthused. “Crafts are actually back in fashion. I think with the recession people are looking for cheaper options. Having changed her desire into truth and launched her own business, Rachel said been a huge learning curve “It’s. I am lucky to truly have a good support network of family and friends who all have a number of skills and have had the opportunity to help me along the way.

My students love Minecraft, but in the application store Minecraft is expensive especially for an educator quite. The same is a free of charge app Block Craft 3D which allows students the same experience as Minecraft, but without the purchase price. The only thing I wish Block Craft 3D had was the capability to communicate with others in the game. Otherwise we use this app in my Standards class since it easier to talk about volume especially, surface, perimeter, and other geometrical conditions with a visual that they made. Padlet can be an old-y, but goody.

This app never disappoints when you have students collaborating in groups. I take advantage of this in every my group projects to have students brainstorm and sort their brainstorming into groupings. It is a digital, concrete way of digital communication with an iPad yet. This communications tool is a great tool that innovators should have in their repertoire if they’re heading to college, workplace, or high school even.