Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!!: 12/01/2019

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: 12/01/2019 1

Imagine a period, many moons back, and long before social mass media and blogging – once i was a fairly newbie longarm quilter. I purchased my first APQS machine in 1995, I can’t believe that is almost 22 years ago! Email list-serves were finished. Back then, and for support and comradery I joined a contact list for longarmers like myself for networking, problem solving, idea fun and inspiring and laughter and making friends.

This was the first time I became alert to a fabulous longer musician by the name of Nichole, who’s last name was Webb at that time. But is longer no! Nichole is now living in a 40-foot diesel motor coach called the Art Bus, complete with a LONGARM in it!

Her “Art Bus” is taking her wherever she wants to go, she is quilting up a surprise along the true way, and is having quite the experience. That is Nichole with a beautiful smile and a beautiful quilt behind her! I asked Nichole easily could reveal her tale with you, and with a resounding yes plus some more pictures shared between us today, we are here. Nichole’s observation is Making Things Matters!

  1. Parents must attend a parenting college before likely to give birth to a child
  2. 1780 – 1958 Vintage Lip Stain Vintage Cheek Stain Historical Makeup TRADITIONAL Rouge
  3. 3 Quantum Physics
  4. Pain and nerve bones
  5. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water

And I agree with the fact. We are doing always, making, creating –it’s inside our character. It’s our way of life, with the primary of who we are as quilters. I am thrilled to announce that I am embarking upon a North American road tour to start my Random Acts of Artwork motion, my Making Things Matters! Podcast and my new book into the world in a great deal larger WAY than this summer!

This has led me to the data that my energy is adding to building the world I reside in. The status quo world that people are given by the media and culture is, quite frankly, insane to me completely. The fact is that people are all the right part of a larger entire.

We are like cells in the body of Earth, everyone a essential area of the entire. Being the most sentient of cells, it’s rather up to us to be good stewards of that which we are entrusted. It’s clear that the vast majority of us are not thinking that way. There are a lot of good reasons to reason ourselves from actually being the change we want to see in the world.

It’s uncomfortable to place yourself “out there.” People might not like you. The thing that I know about life is that is will not matter what your opinion or actions are, you will get you to definitely say you are wrong and disagree with you. That knowledge has inspired me to take action anyhow. Within my Summer road trip I jumped in a large way and purchased a diesel pusher motor-home.

I did a lot of research because my purpose was to find one that I could fit a longarm quilting machine into. Introducing: Artie The Art Bus! I now live full-time on the road, living a life of posting, community, and beauty. Where there’s a will, there’s a real way!