Elegance And Beauty

Elegance And Beauty 1

There are certain elements that are required in order for a woman to be elegant, classy, and stylish. When a scent is worn by a woman or chooses a scent, it should be like everything else – subtle and a complete representation of who she is as a female. If you are more of a Bohemian, natural girl, choose an aroma that brings this image out even more (a beautiful woodsy or floral aroma).

If you’re a power vixen, go for your spicy, exotic fragrance. I think the real test of a great fragrance is when people stop you on the street and ask you – what perfume are you putting on – it smells amazing! Why is this a genuine test? Perfumes have a tendency to use the chemical makeup of your system – that’s why, as being a lipstick will look different using one female versus another completely, perfume will smell different on one girl to another. Perfume also needs to be subtle – people shouldn’t smell you a mile away, but rather they should get a delicate ‘whiff’ of your scent as you walk by.

Learning which kind of scent works for you is an activity – its something you learn as you go, just like learning what makeup shades work for you and what style suits you – its often learning from your errors. Once you find a fragrance that do the job – stay with it really! Make it your signature.

I think it so stylish you have something that makes you recognizable and different from everybody else. It’s her most liked and it’s still her personal still. People always ask her what she’s wearing and its own something she’s known for! I have been ended by bouncers at nightclubs, random men walking down the street, ladies in various stores and friends/co-workers to ask me ‘what perfume are you wearing? I wish to buy that perfume for my wife/girlfriend – what is it?

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I may begin at the outer edge of the petal with orange, allow it spread, then put in a little yellow and perhaps a little purple at the tiny center of the petal for shadow. That is a great technique. The grapes in the fruit picture were decorated individually.

I sketched in the grapes then painted each with clear water, dabbed a tiny bit of color on the sides, and let it spread. Your results shall amaze you. The trick is to not let your paint get dirty through the use of way too many coats to the same area. Practice, practice, endurance and practice and you’ll be surprised. Don’t be concerned about the total results.

One of the biggest assists with painting in any medium is learning to observe. Take a strawberry and examine the top. It is not a red blob, it is white, green, red, purplish, and pink in spots, and there are tiny little indentations with little fibers. It is amazingly complex.

Try painting it. I do the same thing with a bird nest. You will learn to essentially see what it is you are painting which is a huge help. Once you gain a little confidence you can splurge on a few pipes of Grumbacher drinking water color. They are expensive so you shall want to stick to basic colors, the principal, red, blue, yellow, and the secondary, purple, green, and orange.

Also buy a tube of black, brown, and white. That should be all you have to for now along with some little plastic mixing bowls and that means you can mix some different shades and hues. Watercolors tube paint will not dry out like acrylic paint so just use a bit in your bowl and blend to get some good different looks.

In reality I take a large old dinner dish and dab colors all over the dish and I mix in the middle. AFTER I finished painting I leave the plate as it is merely. You can include just a little water when you return to your painting and the paints will hydrate and that means you may use them again.