Proper Facial Skin Care

Proper Facial Skin Care 1

Everyone needs proper facial skin care, regardless of if it’s the individual with the perfect pores and skin or the person with acne-prone pores and skin; the person with blotchy pores and skin tendencies or the person with oily skin. Good care is vital by all for beautiful healthy looking skin, and even the person with the perfect skin type has to maintain a proper and careful treatment regimen in order to keep up that perfect skin.

Regardless of the type of skin that you may have however, all good cosmetic skin care regimens follow the three basic mantras of daily skin care: cleanse, shade, and moisturize. How you are doing each one of these on the other hands, would depend on the kind of skin that you have.

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Cleansing is always the first step of every skin care regimen. It’s the step that gets rid of the dirt, the grit and the surplus oil from the surface of the skin. It is also vital for the removal of other pollutants, such as makeup, that could clog the skin pores of the lead and skin to the higher incidence of breakouts.

For makeup removal, it is often advised to use a makeup remover specific to your skin-layer type before proceeding to purify the face. This is because makeup removers are designed to remove makeup as thoroughly as you possibly can – something that you might not find sufficient with just a cleanser. For cosmetic cleansing, you must never use regular body soap.

Regular body soap is much too harsh for the face, regardless of the type of skin that you may have. For oily skins, you must choose a cleanser that is specifically oil-based – these get rid of the excess oils on the face effectively. For dried-out skins, stay away from cleansers which may contain perfume or may be colored – these could just as easily irritate the dry pores and skin which is often susceptible to sensitization.

Toning is a step in facial skin care that many people often skip, but it is one which would benefit the numbers. Toning effectively gets rid of any excess pollutants or chemicals that may have escaped your cleansing program. Included in these are any traces of extra oil, dirt, or makeup. Toning also serves to close the pores so that they do not readily become clogged again by dirt, oil, or makeup. Persons with dry skin should be aware however to stay from the alcohol-based toners or astringents – these would tend to dry the skin even more. Moisturizing is the ultimate step of a good facial skin care routine.