From Treble To A Washed-out Domestic Success

From Treble To A Washed-out Domestic Success 1

Barcelona experienced a roller coaster of the season, since Valverde got over, which is kind of ironical, given his trustworthiness of being stable and, for insufficient a better phrase, risk-less. Despite the fact that the team is certain to win the Liga and will be the favorites to lift the domestic cup, this abrupt and abysmal leave of Barca from the Champions League makes the domestic success, rather less significant. The season began with a shocker, where they lost Neymar, in exchange of a LOT OF CASH.

Now I’m not saying that the cache replaces the talent and ability of Neymar in the team, known for his or her MSN attacking trio fondly; it doesn’t, but it does provide a complete lot options, for the future especially. Barca started their LaLiga campaign in a very confident manner. They seemed to have found the will and the type to bounce back again from the abyss these were in and reclaim the throne, at least the Domestic one. A lot from it must be credited to Valverde’s eyes for balance in a squad.

Barca defense has never been the chat of town for at least a good area of the last decade, as they were exquisite in the midfield and lethal because of their MSN trio in leading famously. So, for Valverde to focus on defense, especially after the lack of Neymar, was a little surprising but it became clear why it was the right thing to do quickly. Especially once they grabbed a rebellious Coutinho (much like Dembele in Dortmund) from Liverpool in the January window for an astounding £140 million.

Dembele was the flair of the youth and Coutinho an almost finished product who was in the form of his life (much like Suarez at Liverpool). The squad bench was now filled with superstars and fascinating leads almost like Real’s bench last year, which for many experts was the real key behind Real’s success domestically and in Europe.

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It really was a good investment specifically for the future and enhancing squad power would only help the team, to be fresh and ready for the crucial matches. Were they choosing the 3rd treble in ten years really? In Liga, they have scored 79 goals (the best in the league) and allowed 16 (2nd best in the league by 1 goal), with an objective difference of 63, 20 more than the next team in line almost.

In Champion’s League, in every 6 group stage fits, they allowed in 1 goal. 1 goal Just. Within the next 3 knockout matches they had allowed, 2 goals in 3 matches (till the QF 1st leg). That brings a total of 3 in CL till the very first leg of QFs.

And ok last one, 0 losses. Last night, they allowed the same number of goals in a single match that that they had previously in 9 CL fits. It brought their unbeaten streak to an end. They lost for the first time in CL 2018 which ended their Champions league run. That is what is severe, however, not without justification.