Do Investment Bankers Actually Make A Lot Of Money?

130K to start is pretty sugary. 300K a season by around 30-32 years of age (with reward). But, investment banking isn’t as profitable as it used to be, in accordance with other hot occupations. 30K bonus straight out of university (because of Google, Facebook, Oracle, SAP, Apple, and so on). 10-100M richer with the right IPO.

That’s why the technology industry has been poaching the future crop of investment bankers, which to me is a good thing as it leads to a far more productive overall economy overall. EDIT: Based on the comments, I understand my descriptions of starting wages aren’t specific enough for a few quite. Confusion had not been my intention.

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80K shape for an i-banking analyst is an average bottom salary in the US. For those at the top of the heap, they can get 50-70% more. On top of that, they can earn an additional benefit of 5-50%. The same could be said for the salary statistics pointed out for other positions. Hopefully, this produces easier assessment of relative cash flow power. Of course, starting salaries are a moving target, depending which area of the business routine we’re in.

Okay. Yeah, that’s super helpful. Thank you quite definitely for responding to all my questions. Right Andy. Many thanks. Many thanks. And our next question is from Michael Schmidt from Guggenheim. Your series is open up now. Hi guys, congrats on the progress. And thanks a lot when planning on taking my questions. I simply had a follow-up on the marketplace dynamics in kidney cancers. Yeah, Michael, thanks a lot for the relevant question.

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I think what we’re hearing available on the market and from KOLs and advisory boards is that we’ll continue to be the second-line treatment of choice, regardless of whether they receive PD-1 nivo-ipi or TKI in the first series. Great. Thanks. And perhaps one for Gisela then, obviously great to see the continuing growth of the cost may go to 1 study.