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240), a one-month treatment that works while you sleep. Our sleeping time is said to be the most favorable time for mobile regeneration, essential to combat the indicators of aging. That’s why you use Botanical D-Tox during the night. The predecessor product (Sero-Botanique) to Botanical D-Tox was extremely effective, but it had a strong smell – natural, but strongly “medicinal.” The odor turned me off.

I love natural fragrances, but it was just too strong for my nose. Who would like to go to bed feeling assaulted? This new product has a refreshing natural botanical scent, due, without doubt, to the lavender, Rosemary, and sage. The fragrance relaxes me. Botanical D-Tox is highly focused in vegetable components.

It intervenes globally at three major degrees of the skin’s cleansing chain. It performs its magic with more information on main components, some of which were examined ex vivo and some in vitro. Peptidic grain extract (a fresh Sisley component) stimulates the cleansing of cells by rousing the reduction of damaged protein. Einkorn wheat remove combats the oxidative stress that accelerates the aging of our skin.

Ginkgo biloba draw out promotes cutaneous micro-circulation. Rosemary extract tones and stimulates. Hop extract revitalizes your skin. Sage and Rosemary essential oils to purify and help your skin regain its optimal tone. Matricaria chamomile bloom remove smoothes and softens. Marjoram gas calms your skin. Lavender essential oil possesses managing properties (and its own fragrance puts me in the disposition to rest). This liquid, fresh, non-oily emulsion was created to be used as a one-month treatment by applying it after cleansing before bedtime to the facial skin, neck, and chest area on its own or under your typical evening cream.

It’s moisturizing enough that you don’t need to protect it with a moisturizer, but you can if your skin is very dried out. Who is it for? Botanical D-Tox was made for everyone who needs a rigorous anti-aging treatment. In the event that you feel your tone has dulled or you have noticed accentuated stress or lines in your face, you shall love this one-month luxurious treatment.

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It will bring back your visual appearance. I’ve sensitive epidermis extremely. I’ve used it with no side-effect – only fabulous results for one week (Sisley representatives gave me enough samples for weekly). I noticed a noticable difference in my skin following the first night of use. It’s also reported to be suitable for those with oily skin because it’s non-comedogenic.

The treatment is ideal for city dwellers, who face more polluting of the environment than those who reside in rural areas. It’s especially useful for evening owls, who tend to overlook their pores and skin and sleep time. What results is it possible to expect? From the 1st days of use, you pores and skin should be more beautiful, and your manifestation lines (don’t most of us prefer to call them that?) will be relaxed. Your skin should be energized and better ready to reap the benefits of your typical daily skin care. How often should you use it? It’s a pricey treatment (although no pricier than other luxury treatments from lines like La Mer).