The 11 Critical Web Design Mistakes Costing You Money

Recently I spoke to a client of mine who got just made 250,000 from his website in the year since we’d designed it for him. His old website had produced approximately nothing. Zero. Was his previous site expensive? No. He wanted to keep the cost of the site down so he had it built through a friend of a pal for ‘mates rates’.

So he wasn’t losing anything, was he? Yes, he was shedding the 250,000 he could have made the previous season. Just how much achieved it cost to create your website? How much do you may spend on hosting and marketing the site? How much cash could you be making if it was executing at its full potential?

Every website differs – but there are a few fundamental rules to having an effective website. If you’re guilty of any of these 11 errors then get in touch with a professional web design service. Nobody will get you. Perhaps you have ever had a set of company brochures published that is still sat in your office somewhere?

Never, to see the light of day? Just how many businesses do that with their websites? Let me ask you a question – just how many various ways do people have of finding your website? These are just online strategies! How many of the are you using? Whether it’s not at least eight, your website is underperforming.

Your content is unclear, hard to learn, boring – or all three. A wall structure of a text message is fatal for an interactive experience. You have no ‘phone calls to action’. Among the traditional errors in marketing – telling your customers how great your service or product is, but not how to buy it, or ways to get in touch.

  • 1/8 to about 3/8 is controlled by the slide valve cut away
  • Custom Banner/Graphics
  • How Can We Help You
  • Set up permalinks

Make it clear and possible for your customers to buy, inquire, sign up for your newsletter – whatever you want these to do, inform you what the next thing is. When browsing the internet, people are lazy and can simply search onto another site if you don’t encourage them to action on whatever interest your website has aroused in them.

There are numerous ways of achieving this – simply talk with a reputable website designer who will guide you with the right content. You aren’t keeping in touch with potential customers. Just how many websites perhaps you have seen where you have been ‘exploring’ a potential purchase or taking a look at something that you were thinking about, but it wasn’t quite the right time to buy that service or product? Well guess what – people are doing with your website?

So the question is – how do you find out who these people are – and how will you keep in touch with them? Gather their details – people shall trade their contact details for something of value. Why not offer a free guide about how to choose their purchase? A free of charge ‘trial’ of your service or product?

Maybe, a membership to a newsletter or website that will have lots of useful benefits? All they need to do is offer you their name, address, contact number, and email address. You would be amazed at just how many businesses have huge customer databases they do nothing at all with. You could be wasting a lot of money driving traffic to your site, generating desire for your product or service, only to let them slip through your fingertips and into the grateful hands of your competition.