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Howcast is website that has a vast selection of how-to-videos. The videos range between topics such parenting, dogs, exercise, business, language learning, cooking, technology, and so a lot more! I personally love Howcast. There was a point in my life when I was really interested in getting different pets, just like a cat and rabbit. I found a ton of videos on how to take care of cats and rabbits. Howcast provides videos that are concise and immediate to the real point. I must say i appreciate the way they are actually interactive. Many times one is actually physically showing you how to do something! For instance, say students in middle school wanted ideas for science projects or how to better understand certain concepts. On Howcast, there is a section labeled Science Basics.

They have simply created an network, where fans and friends can come to share their feedback, pictures, tales, and insider information to everyone who enjoys Starbucks. The Starbucks Twitter profile is not nearly as huge as it’s Facebook Page. With over 2 Million supporters and keeping track of, Starbucks Interacts with everyone on a daily basis.

If you mind over to their Twitter page, you will see an @ sign in entrance of each one tweet. Starbucks’ strategy is one where they would rather reach out and connect to each and every follower on a personal level; then spam their audience with advertising messages. A strategy that a lot of brands don’t follow online.

By upholding this standard, Starbucks has been able to create an online personality that people can hook up to and therefore has been absolutely successful with its online campaigns. Most businesses don’t want to invest the right time trying and creating a genuine online personality. Instead they might rather just push out content to their consumers, this is meaningless and gets hardly any to no response.

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Companies need to take a look at how Starbucks, along with various other big name brands like Coke and Disney are building and engaging using their online communities. These brands have provided value to their followers than slapping advertisements on Twitter and hoping for the best rather. Social media will not work for you if you don’t take time to provide real value. Engage with your fans on a regular basis.

Social Media is focused on building a pursuing that wants to engage with you on a regular basis. If your interpersonal media efforts haven’t been working, have a look at these big brands and apply their practices into the own social press campaigns. Feel absolve to contact us about getting a personalized SOCIAL NETWORKING Plan for your business.