For Change Of Ownership On Apartments

For Change Of Ownership On Apartments 1

A Business License is necessary by every business operating in the City of Victoria. Did you know: you can renew and purchase a preexisting Business License online. For new businesses, the Business Hub at City Hall is available to help you get around all the steps below, and other information had a need to open up a business in Victoria. Connect with the Business Hub as your first point of contact.

Prior to trying to get a Business License, you will need to select a location. Zoning regulations vary in various areas of Victoria and can affect the type of business that you are permitted to operate. A printing copy of the City of Victoria Bylaw may be obtained cost-free from the Public Service Center located at Victoria City Hall at 1 Centennial Square. Monday to Friday Hours of operation are, 8 a.m.

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A Business Licence application takes approx 10 business days to process, as lots of City of Victoria departments must review and approve a credit card applicatoin before a Business Licence can be released. Short-term local rental business license applications may take up to 14 business days to process. Approval is also required when the utilization of a business premise is changed, a house is developed, or building additions are undertaken, to be able to ensure compliance with bylaws and regulations.

The Capital Regional District, and Provincial and Federal governments could also have additional requirements that must definitely be met before a business can lawfully operate. Once your Business License application went through the approval process and approved, you’ll then obtain an invoice to the mailing address you provided us on your application form if you have not already made payment in person.

Once your Business Licence has been paid, you will receive a Business Licence. Business Licenses work from January 16th to January 15th of the following year, are non-transferable and the license fees paid are non-refundable. If you operate a business in Victoria, you need to have a valid Business License, which must be renewed annually. Each November, you will receive a Business License Renewal Invoice in the email which is payable by January 15 of the following year.

25 will connect with all expired Business Licenses and must be paid in order for a license to be released. If you have a visible change of address, change of name, or change of ownership, please fill out our general Business License form (above) with the new changes. For change of possession on Apartments, Rooming houses, or Boarding houses you’ll need to complete our property business license application form (above).