Dry Skin Makeup That Won’t Flake Or Cake

Each season comes with its own exclusively annoying beauty challenges. In the summer it’s finding a way to keep base and eyeliner on through sweat and oil. Impossible as that could be, putting on makeup with dry skin in the winter is somehow even worse. With the dry air sucking moisture out of the hands, hair, lips, and face, the idea of putting makeup on top of that is just unappealing.

But rather than give up and skip makeup until spring gets here, we wished a much better way. So we visited one of the best celebrity makeup artists in the overall game, Katie Jane Hughes, for her tips on how to apply makeup when your skin is dry and flaky.

True to excellent form, she why don’t we in on just how she pulls off the amazing looks she demonstrates on Instagram, no matter what winter pores and skin issues the growing season serves up. All that winter brings-from chapped lip area to the weird flaky dried out patch that presents up next to your mouth around midday-consider them resolved. Welcome to a much better world. Meet back here in springtime and we’ll get to allergies.

  • Children must be allowed to wear popular clothes at school
  • A matte cool dark brown
  • Smile. Why? Because you can
  • (3.53 oz .) blue fondant to pay the board (optional)

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