My Investment Portfolio

My Investment Portfolio 1

For this month, I’ve attended the following AGMs/EGMs/briefings – Ascendas Hospitality Trust, Azeus, Ascendas India Trust, Metro, MapleTree Logistics Trust, SIA Engineering, SingPost, SATS, PM Data, Bukit Sembawang, AA Reit, GLP, and GP Industries. For my top 30 holdings, PM Data returned to the list after a good performance as investors are more upbeat about its prospects and the margins of their products.

Other stocks and shares in the list that did well include Metro, Bukit Sembawang Estates, Tat Seng, GK Goh, Spindex, Hip and Isetan Hoe. Keppel T&T did not do well because of its poor 2Q results as well as the decision to end its strategic review of their stake in M1. Marine Technologies also underperformed after the company announced that they had submitted a lawsuit against infringers of its technology.

Jardine C&C was another laggard in the list. I’ve bought the following companies from the market this month – AF Global, Bund Center, ComfortDelgro, Delfi, EnGro, Hotel Grand Central, IHH, Karin, Koh Brothers, M1, Raffles Medical, and Stamford Land. No sell trade was done. I have participated in the next rights issues this month – Pan Utd and CDL H Trust.

I have also accepted the next voluntary delisting/cash offers this month – China Flexible Packaging (shares and warrants) and Nobel Design. Next month will be another silent month in conditions of AGMs but you will see companies announcing their half-year results. Season ending 30 June 2017 will also be announcing their full-year results Companies with financial. I will be keeping track on a few of these total result announcements. Also, I will be seeking to re-invest those dividends received prudently back into the market.

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