Got Money, Got Honey!

Got Money, Got Honey! 1

Can Bitcoin certainly be a Good Investment? I must admit, since I’ve gone full crypto-tard, I’ve been spending less and less time reading about the stock market and following local blogs. I’ve been a zombie going back few months devouring and studying the crypto-markets constantly. No, not the fundamentals of bitcoin.

But the fundamentals of what I consider to be a good investment. Some people are produce focused. Some public people are capital increases focused. I’m into total returns. A choice is experienced by me for yield though, but frankly, I higher total profits rather. Therefore are collectible stamps an investment?

  • Relation with Money:-
  • Real GDP growth: 4.6% (2010)
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  • 1980 The Manners and Customs of the authorities. NY: Academic Press

Autographs of famous people? They have no cashflow. But yes, they may be investments. If you don’t think so, you’re a yield-tard. Take off your bias glasses and admit that though it may not be YOUR most comfortable style of investing, it is a legit investment. Is Bitcoin a ponzi? Is the value of Bitcoin a ponzi? Bitcoin does not need increasingly more money pumping into it to stay alive and continue existing. Bitcoin is available, regardless of the value of each coin.

It has no idea what it is worth. The value of bitcoins is one more thing though. And it keeps going higher and higher and higher. Bitcoin cannot be manipulated or tainted. This means that no single authority can suddenly create more bitcoins out of nothing. When people talk about bitcoins, they like to use “scarcity” to justify it’s value. I may be disagreeing on technical description, but if you ask me the worthiness of bitcoins originates from the actual fact that No-one can add more bitcoins in to the system that what all users have previously decided on.

This means no QE. No money printing. No magical inflation. None of most that governmental interventionist crap. It is what it is, and no single user can overrule the essential rules of bitcoin. The only way to improve this is to get the majority of stakeholders to consent to a change. So that as stakeholders, you can be be confident that they shall only consent to changes to enrich themselves, NOT to dilute their holdings and finish up with less value.

Bitcoin is not governed by government authorities, officials, central banks, or each one of these public individuals who have no repercussions or abuse if they screw up with their experimental policies. Bitcoin is governed by users and for that reason everyone is forced to play by the same rules. No special surprises. Level taking part in field. You certainly do not need to use for a bitcoin account. You do not need to pay a minimum sum to open up a bitcoin account.