Rui Maria Araujo (Council Of State)

Rui Maria Araujo (Council Of State) 1

After 3 years of work, the US Development Program (UNDP) has released its third Human Development Report for Timor-Leste, Managing Natural Resources for Human Development: Developing the Non-Oil Economy to attain the MDGs. La’o Hamutuk’s comment Timor-Leste Must Win Independence from Petroleum (also PDF or Tetum), included a Tetum slip show. Timor-Leste spends much more now than in 2009, when much of the report’s data was collected. 2.65/person/day, with optimistic assumptions even.

37. The purchase of supplies for cash would be recorded in the purchases journal. 38. When a big number of specific accounts with a common feature are grouped jointly in a separate ledger, the summarizing account in the general ledger is called a control accounts. 39. The customer’s ledger and the creditors ledger refer to subsidiary ledgers. 40. The total on the “Accounts Payable Creditor Balances” report at January 31, month of procedures the end of the first, agrees with the total of the Accounts Payable debit column in the money obligations journal for the same period.

  • You must be 18 years or old
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  • Manage employees using their personal goals
  • Sundry Creditors
  • 40 percent in small percentage in minimum term = 2/5
  • It will ask for LIC Id no and Date of Birth fields
  • Most people acquired assured pensions, not voluntary, you make investments, 401Ks, or nothing
  • Their analyst training program

41. The columns contained in special journals are standardized for those businesses. 42. Generally, subsidiary ledgers are used for general ledger accounts that contain a large variety of individual items. 43. In a computerized accounting system, all postings happen automatically at the end of the month. 44. In computerized accounting systems, reports may be generated at any time.

45. Computerized accounting systems prevent all journalizing errors. 46. Using the Internet to perform business transactions is named e-commerce. 47. The word B2C refers to transactions conducted between two companies. 48. E-commerce provides additional business opportunities but at the price of reduced efficiency and speed. 49. One way to report revenue earned by a company is to present it by the different segments of business.

50. A(n) system is the techniques and procedures for collecting, classifying, summarizing, and reporting a business’s financial and operating information. 52. Which of the following is not one of the three stages needed when changing an accounting system, either in its entirety or partly? 53. Which of the next is not part of the three-step process that a growing business uses for the progression of its accounting system? 56. Which of the next is not an element of inner controls?

57. After an accounting system has been setup, what is the next phase? 68. Which of the following transactions is recorded in the purchases journal? 70. In which journal would an adjustment for an overcharge with a creditor be recorded? 71. Which of the following transactions is documented in the revenue journal? 73. Which of the next is recorded in the overall journal always? 74. Which of the following is always recorded in the overall journal? 75. Which of the following is recorded in the cash receipts journal?