Colourpop, Fyrinnae, BH Makeup Products, Kat Von D, Morphe, Melt, And More

Colourpop, Fyrinnae, BH Makeup Products, Kat Von D, Morphe, Melt, And More 1

If you’ve been with us my blog for a while, you may remember that I had two very major surgeries over the summer. I don’t think I must say I felt the full aftereffect of what my own body had been through until several months later, and within the last two months, I developed a minor complication that was impeding full recovery. This week I needed to undergo a procedure to drain some liquid out of the joint Previous, which was much more painful that I would have expected.

Overall my joint has been feeling much better because the procedure, but walking still feels a little shaky, and winter/snow in New York City has forced me to much stay inside quite. And while fundamentally that’s not too great, This week I had formed a blast. I watched E finally.T. In conditions of my makeup, I think I felt like I was missing some inspiration this week. On multiple days I’d sit before my vanity and wonder what I should do. I have never had a considerable wardrobe, so I’ve never related to standing before a full wardrobe thinking you have nothing to wear, but this was the closest I’ve obtained.

Some weeks I believe having a large eyeshadow collection gives me limitless options, and other weeks I believe having a lot can stifle creativity. This week Here are five looks I did so. Colourpop Two Birds on the lid, Colourpop Silver Lining blended into the crease as a transition shade, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Rosette blended into the crease.

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Research a company/product first to check out reviews and the official website/contact details
  • Fan Brush (for highlighter)
  • 4 Day Beginenr Package – 8 hrs: $440
  • Use Bronzer
  • Draw attention to your eye
  • Daily Cleansing process

Leo shimmer shade on the lid, Virgo matte shade blended into the crease as a changeover shade, Cancer matte shade blended into the crease, and Leo matte tone cushioned onto the external corner. Meerkat on the lid (over Pixie Epoxy), Melt Antique blended into the crease as a transition shade, Melt Rubbish blended into the crease, and Melt Love Sick cushioned onto the external corner and combined into the crease.

Melt Love Sick on the low lash range. Ministry on the lid, Sacred Heart blended into the crease as a changeover shade, Worship blended into the crease, Exorcism combined to deepen the crease, and Amen on the brow bone. I think my week began with not necessarily knowing what I needed to do and feeling uninterested in everything I have been doing.

So I had been taking a look at one of my custom palettes, and I was attracted to this orange-gold tone from Colourpop that was close in the palette to a crimson from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I jointly put the colors, and I was torn all day about how I felt about it.

I imagine it also appears like the LA Lakers colors, but Wario was where my brain went. Individually, I love all the shadows I used (though Colourpop Silver Lining looked just a little ashy), but I’m undecided on the final look. I’ve discussed this palette before, and my thoughts will be the same still.

I enjoy it and am quite impressed with it, especially given its price. This is probably one of the most “boring” looks that I could have done with the palette, this the day of my medical procedure but I wore, so I think I used to be just looking for something just a little low-key.

Overall, I think the look came out quite quiet. This was also another look which I didn’t quite understand how I felt about it while I was wearing it, however when I returned to check out the photos, I realized just how much I liked it. Meerkat is such a fairly color, but it does have quite a bit of glitter in it, which is never something I like. Side note, for reasons known almost every single look I did so this week just had gobs and gobs of fallout around my face and I put to constantly work to remove it.

I made a decision to pair it with my Frankenstein’s Monster Melt Stack, which really is a hodgepodge of the few different stacks. I’ve done a bit more decluttering lately, and I decided to consolidate the best elements of my Melt Stacks into one stack. The main one pictured is most of Rust (because Rust is my overall favorite) plus Unseen (from Dark Matter) and Love Sick (from Love Sick). Having to do that look again over, I would most likely not put Rubbish in the crease and just use with Lovesick so the red would be more obvious rather than looking dark brown.