New Data Center Metrics SHOWING Up In FITARA Scorecard –

New Data Center Metrics SHOWING Up In FITARA Scorecard - 1

The FITARA scorecard approaching this winter must incorporate new Office of Management and Budget policy on company data center reporting, relating to 1 of the Federal government Accountability Office officials billed with controlling the record. The data center optimization category on the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act scorecard must use OMB’s new data center metrics, according to GAO’s FITARA executive Kevin Walsh.

Speaking at a July 31-ACT-IAC event on the progress of FITARA, he said the info-center metrics found in past scorecards can not be used in the next. The FITARA scorecard, said Maria Road, CIO at the tiny Business Administration, should evolve, but it shouldn’t progress so quickly with technological advancements, “It goes the goalposts” organizations are striving to reach.

At the event, Roat and Agriculture Department CIO Gary Washington said they’ve made progress in controlling their firms’ IT spending through FITARA. However, both said the biggest take advantage of the landmark legislation hasn’t always been better, less expensive systems. It’s been evening out company-professional input involved with IT spending, they said.

Roat. Washington agreed that Federal government CIOs will have good human relationships with chief acquisition officials, chief financial officers, and chief workers officers, which provide a more cohesive environment for agency IT operations. Washington and Roat, however, also decided that the existing methods used to measure Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) conformity are falling brief, because they consider only a little portion of their cybersecurity attempts.

Walsh said GAO was working to find an equilibrium for scorecard evaluation, but without enough data on security, that was a hard target going to. The scorecard, he said, is dependent on publicly available data, and some of the data agencies generate for cybersecurity activities might not be public. That may complicate the grading, he said, so GAO works together with what it has.

The agency also offers to work with Congress as to what goes into the scorecard, and some congressmen have specific areas of interest, he said. Overall, Roat said, FITARA “has given CIOs a seat at the desk” with other top-level agency administrators. She said her company has advanced from “D-minus” on its preliminary FITARA report cards in 2016 to a “B-plus” on the latest statement card issued in June. Mark Rockwell is a mature staff writer at FCW, whose defeat focuses on acquisition, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Energy.

Before becoming a member of FCW, Rockwell was Washington correspondent for Government Security News, where he protected all areas of homeland security from IT to recognition boundary and canines security. Rockwell received a Jesse H. Neal Award for his work covering telecommunications issues, and is a graduate of James Madison University. Click here for prior articles by Rockwell.

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