Weight Loss Surgeries: Gastric Bypass Versus Duodenal Switch

Weight Loss Surgeries: Gastric Bypass Versus Duodenal Switch 1

Those who proceeded to go under the blade also saw improvements in metabolic and heart disease risk factors – they were significantly less likely to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, for example – during the six years of follow-up. “On the other hand, cardiovascular and metabolic status of obese control participants generally worsened during the six-year period severely,” the authors published. “These findings are important considering the fast increase in total numbers of bariatric surgical functions performed in the United States and worldwide and could have significant ramifications for the projected 31 million U.S.” the authors concluded.

MORE: Weight-Loss Surgery: Safe, But Does It Work? Bariatric surgeries work in two ways: by reducing the abdomen size or re-routing food from the stomach right to the intestines, so the body absorbs less of it. The major downside of the duodenal switch procedure is that it’s riskier. Currently, duodenal change is more used in Europe than the U commonly.S., but Dr. Martin thinks it will take off in America much like gastric bypass. “When gastric bypass surgery started out, there was a complication rate of 5% to 10% and a death rate as high as 1%, all of which have been reduced even as we gained experience with it markedly. If you look at the current complications with duodenal switch, they’re about precisely what they were with gastric bypass 10 years ago.

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