Are Fitness + Diet DNA Tests Worth The Investment?

Are Fitness + Diet DNA Tests Worth The Investment? 1

To be completely honest, I’m still not sure where I stand on DNA assessment for fitness and diet purposes. There are a few clear benefits and drawbacks, that it will quickly get into very. In some ways, these tests are extremely useful to beginners, raising their awareness of different aspects of fitness and diet. Alternatively, they could be very misleading with no right guidance. This kind of genetic testing is interesting really. I learnt a lot.

The process itself as well as the info provided by each company – from my results to the glossaries provided on hereditary testing conditions – I found really interesting and insightful. I found the nutritional suggestions useful quite. Although they were actions which I had been aware I needed to take (such as upping my Omega 3 and cruciferous veg intake), it was useful to have this in writing and I’ve definitely followed through. In terms of training implication, I’ve definitely got a few takeaway factors.

For example, knowing that my stamina potential is higher than my power potential helped me understand why I feel higher muscle activation and overall benefit from doing high-rep weight training exercise, instead of powerlifting/strength training. It has helped me to stop second-guessing myself in the fitness center, and work with what my body seems to respond best to just. So, are the tests actually useful for everybody? Considering these tests may be targeted at beginners seeking to know where to begin using their weight loss journey or what to focus on in the fitness center, it’s actually very difficult to apply the results within an intelligent way.

I think the problem with these tests are that a lot of people will head in to them thinking that these are prescriptive, plus they aren’t. One of the reasons for this, aside from the reality that genetics don’t matter for everything (that nature nurture debate won’t expire!), is that ‘lifestyle’ hereditary testing continues to be quite definitely in its infancy.

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  • Floor Press
  • Unexplained Anemia
  • Easily shift between walk/run settings
  • #8: weight bias in the treatment of lipedema
  • Overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism)

There are a lot of things that need to be attended to before these types of exams will be truly helpful for the wider population. Between the two tests which is carried out, for some categories the ‘genes of interest’ could be significantly different. For example, for VO2 utmost potential, you can see below that the genes analyzed won’t be the same, and the scales too vary, and therefore my overall result (low/normal/high) is different.

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