How Business Blogs Can Help Small Businesses In Kenya To Grow Significantly

Blogging has been forgotten as an online marketing strategy in Kenya whilst most small businesses can use blogging as an online marketing strategy to market their businesses. Authority business blogs have a tendency to attract potential customers or clients thus an important way that weblogs can slowly begin to amass a subsequent that will eventually use customers.

The potential of marketing business online in Kenya remains greatly untapped. It is by far the least expensive way that businesses can reach a large audience and build potential business opportunity in the future. Smaller businesses are issued by serious problems among them limitation of finance stands high as the main problem for most small and medium businesses in Kenya. Business develop largely depends upon calling a large variety of potential customers, converting a good percentage to leads or sales and reaping a good revenue. The most common ways businesses in Kenya have become using to market their business is through traditional press.

TV, print, and radio mass media have taken the center stage to advertise businesses in Kenya. On average, to reach at least 1 million viewers, listeners, or readers, a budget of at least KSH 100, 000 or even more would be needed. In the new mass media, promotion of businesses in Kenya online can be definitely the cheapest way to market your online business.

How Can a Business take up a Blog? 20 dollars in the beginning. The only set you back should incur if you want to create a good business blog is the price for a domain name and hosting. Let’s say Lucy operates a wedding cake business someplace in Kawangware, how exactly does it seem sensible to own a website with a blog?

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Ideally people will believe that it is expensive to possess or manage a blog, although it is cheap, inexpensive way to legally advertise your business. It really is highly unlikely that Lucy will manage to place an ad in the newspaper that costs about KSH 60,000 unless her business does perfectly.

In assessment to your blog model, Lucy can publish useful content about cakes gradually, wedding cakes, making cakes on her blog and gradually gain audience that will view her as an specialist about cakes in Kenya. A lot of people coming to learn her blog are the target audience and the chances of them buying a wedding cake are much higher than the ordinary newspaper audience. Further success can be recognized when Lucy chooses to list her cake business on Google Local listing and free classified online advertisements website. She shall reach more audience within a limited budget and grow her business significantly.

Lucy can also start marketing her business through mobile marketing, you can find out more out of this post; Using QR rules to market local businesses in Kenya. A 12 months 12 yearly and a hosting for not more than KSH 3000. This website could become an authority in cakes and food niche in Kenya within a year or two. This means she will not want to use other medium of advertising her business in the foreseeable future other than to just augment her great achievements.