The Downward Spiral

It should be no secret that the Democratic Party is in deep shit. The 2014 midterm elections were a major devastation, and the party is about one stock market crash between now and November 2016 away from losing the White House as well. Beyond presidential races, Citizens United is allowing Republicans to clobber the Democrats in fundraising.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will probably have similar battle chests when they face off against one another next season as their particular celebrations’ presidential nominees. That’s because there are enough Wall Street and big business types who either still low fat Democrat in presidential promotions, or who hedge their wagers giving to both ongoing celebrations at the nationwide level, to blunt the effects of Citizens United. Young people have determined that the Democrats do not stand for their passions.

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In 2008, record numbers of individuals in the 18-29 generation voted–and the majority of them voted for Obama. Their excitement and enthusiasm was palpable, plus they really believed that President Hopey-Changey would remedy America’s many interpersonal ills and fix the deck that got very much become stacked against them. By 2012, however, Obama may have still obtained their votes but their level of passion for him experienced visibly waned.

That election was decided more by television advertising than though armies of college-age kids volunteering and knocking on doors. By the 2014 midterm elections, Obama’s abandonment of his foundation had caused a lot cynicism that the young voters who had been so motivated to see him get elected mainly remained home–and the Democrats got annihilated. Ambitious young politicians have known that the Republican Party is where the action is. First, let’s recognize who the loathsome Ted Cruz really is: the latest heir to Joseph McCarthy’s politics legacy.

Like old “Tail Gunner Joe,” Cruz has been clever enough to understand that providing the press with liberal-baiting sound bites is the simplest way to get forward quickly in Washington–especially in the Fox News era. Young Democratic congresscritters, on the other hands, lack a tailor-made press wall plug like Fox News. The Democrats’ focus on identification politics is a inactive end. Quick question: what party will the only current black U.S. That might be the Republicans, natch–and more incredibly he’s a teabagger from South Carolina. Meanwhile, white Utah not only elected a black congressWOMAN lilly, but she’s the girl of Haitian immigrants. SC and Louisiana are run by Republican Indian-American governors.

But say Hillary does win in 2016–what happens going forward when the truth sinks in that she is just the liberal/progressive sellout that Obama is? The Democrats will have given us the first black and first female presidents already. EASILY were your standard liberal/progressive editorialist, I would make an effort to con you into believing that what I just wrote above opens the entranceway for a leftist populist alternative party to emerge and sweep the Democrats from the stage. Nonetheless, the elites Need the Democrats to maintain the illusion that American still has a working democratic system.

What will happen if, say, Jeb is victorious in 2016 and the Republicans rating the magic filibuster-proof Senate majority of 61? How will they then plausibly clarify their inability to roll back Obamacare, or to begin a war with Iran, or even to close the edges against all immigration as so many in their bottom want these to do?

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