Global IT Solutions Provider: July 2019

In our current financial environment, today by two very significant needs to improve efficiency and improve service the financial industry is challenged. I spoke about these business needs this past year at a meeting hosted by Prolifics and IBM, plus they couldn’t become more significant today. To fulfill these requirements, organizations are tasked with traveling down costs by consolidating siloed and duplicated systems into well-defined, reusable services and controlling customer support levels with greater flexibility.

This industry has an accumulation of ‘practices,’ or best practices, that have a powerful influence on business performance in these critical areas. Over time, we have captured the guidelines that have shown to be successful with process management programs within the financial industry. At this seminar, we evaluated 11 specific methods that help financial services organizations experience success with tasks/delivery, team competency and leveraging Business Process Management (BPM) over the enterprise.

Processes are done by many different parties! Process analysis can help you understand: What does the end-to-end look like? What data is necessary at different factors? What’s the velocity that we need in this technique? How do we are in need of turnaround time quickly? A requirement of succeeding with BPM is that processes must be business-owned.

You need folks from the business to engage and determine what the process priorities are. They key advantage to this iterative approach is that you can make tradeoffs and changes to adjust to changing business conditions and requirements. A level of business engagement will ensure that the right decisions are being made. In addition, financial institutions face a demanding environment requiring exceeding agility highly.

The seminar focused about how customers can enjoy the advantages of the business guideline approach to operational decision making in the regions of payments, lending and credit, risk management and customer support for finance institutions. With business rules, key decisions in your financial processes can be changed in minutes to days rather than months – bringing new levels of efficiency to day-to-day operations.

To learning much more about these 11 Habits for highly successful BPM programs and the benefits of a business guidelines management system, please take a look at this demonstration. Don Rivera is litigant Executive with Prolifics managing the NY & NJ Metro territory. Don is a certified IBM WebSphere Solution SALESPERSON dealing with SMB and Business accounts to regulate how to leverage IBM software technology to meet their critical business goals. He brings over 16 many years of experience employed in the information technology industry in a variety of system engineering, sales and business development jobs with companies such as Computer Sciences Corporation, Level 3 BBN and Marketing communications Systems.

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