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Likewise we are fascinated with this amazing creature and we are enamored by their pure majesty. Occasionally, there is certainly never a problem. The hive flourishes, produces honey, survives winter, requires little management and we brag of our beekeeping skill and style. All is well. I wish that I could promise such great success with every hive, but bees are believed livestock.

Anyone that has ever kept animals know the unpredictable finally happens. Our new dog runs out into the street. Our talking bird flies out an opened door, a cow gets ill or our horse gets some kind of equine encephalitis from a mosquito and dies. Bees face the same sort of challenges. Why did my bees expire?

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When a colony dies, it’s extremely difficult to identify the reason for death. I’ve experienced people ship me bees in a shoe box and have me to inform them what wiped out their bees. A bee is not just a solitary organism, the hive is. Therefore, we must evaluate the entire colony to look for the cause of loss of life.

Even then there are so many factors that the cause of death is often inconclusive. Did they swarm in late summertime and got too long to finally raise a good queen, so the people of bees had not been large enough to overwinter? These kinds of problems can be prevented. But think about something that can’t be observed, like tracheal mites, or infections spread by varroa mites.

These are the invisible, silent killer of colonies. My experience in dealing with a large number of beekeepers a season is that a lot of colonies die due to inadequate beekeeping practices. In other words, pilot mistake or avoidable mistakes. Don’t misunderstand, today our bees do face more difficulties than 40 years back. Since the late 1980s, the beekeeping scene significantly has transformed.

In the late 80s and early 90s the varroa mite made its way into America and hit the bees hard. There is a great falling away from beekeeping. Very little was known about the mite as well as how to keep bees alive that had mites. Hobbyist out dropped. To the mites Prior, we’d put bees in a hive, look out for American Foul Brood and wait until fall and remove a crop of honey. Beekeeping was simpler. Beekeeping continues to be almost that easy Now, only now we should be a much smarter, informed and trained beekeeper because there is more to keep an optical eyesight on. Then, around 2006, CCD again changed the beekeeping scene.

Large functions were hit using what is now called Colony Collapse Disorder. In large functions, bees disappeared just. Crazy speculations were tossed around like green Martians were stealing the bees or cell phones were confusing the bees ability to get back home. We suspect it is a mixture of stresses Now, poor diet, environmental factors, and diseases and pests.

However, with CCD there is a silver coating, a redeeming quality…interest in conserving the bees surged! Everyone started rolling up their sleeves to save the bees. More folks became new beekeepers in an effort to offset the declining bee population. Concerning this same time a pastime in local food and a far more self-sustainable life gained full traction.

Some call it the green movement, agrarian living or consuming more local food known as locavore. Prior to this time, beekeeping was the strange cousin of Agriculture. However now, beekeeping is just about the wealthy uncle and everyone desires written in to the will. Why is, beekeeping is now seen as an important part of life that people cannot deny. Bees pollinate our vegetation.