The most beautiful, finest, and valuable amazing and essential oils from around the globe combined to create a beautiful complementary face Elixir to totally renew your tone for a superb skincare program. Using the best quality for a wealth of properties for the skin. The Elixirs address so many skincare concerns that produce your skin feel velvet-soft and rebuilding a youthful, radiant glow to your skin layer.

Why do I need an Elixir? It’s the key to beautiful skin naturally. It will give the skin back again everything it’s lost as time passes and neglect. Nourishing, smooths fine lines and renews, there is nothing beats it. Even as we age, it’s harder for your skin to recuperate from stress, environment, aging, not wanting to eat right, fatigue, dehydration, moisture loss, and so a lot of life’s interruptions. This ongoing works from the inside out, going deep into the epidermis, energizing the cells moisturizing and nourishing.

Your skin will drink it right up. Our Elixirs with offer you that younger radiant glow back again. How do I use my Elixir? On clean skin squirt a good amount of toner on the real face, neck, and decollete, Then add a drop of Elixir on fore mind, each cheek, few drops on neck and decollete.

With soft up term strokes massage therapy into skin. In the event that you feel your skin may need more dampness add a few more drops. You may follow with the vitamin C serum and the rest of the Blu line like the radiance anti-aging creme and sea-fennel eye creme. What’s Exotic oil? Our Beautiful oils are sought out from around the globe to bring you a natural organic product.

We foundation our products on Argan oil the best, all in a single essential oil, because it’s so great for the skin, hair, fingernails, body, and does so much. 100% 100 % pure organic frosty pressed Argan essential oil from Morocco. Not to mention our 100% real organic frosty pressed Prickly pear seed oil from Morocco. Did you know it takes time and effort and effort to bring of 36 hours of manual labor and about 1 million Prickly seed products to produce 1 liter of essential oil. We also love our Rosehip seed, Pomegranate seed, night-time primrose, natural essential oils, Seabuckthorn, extracts, and so much more.

Each oil is carefully sought out and preciously ready to bring you the highest quality with wonderful properties that do this much for your skin. So when we combine our essential oils to the elixirs and amazing oils WOW, it generates a dual power punch for your skin. I can continue on and on about any of it. Please, don’t get me started. Take care of your skin as well as your personal everyday with eating right and exercise because over time you will benefit from it greatly! With less aches & pains, and radiant glowing epidermis!

  • (MALIN+GOETZ) : Mojito Lip Balm
  • Rosehip oil 5ml
  • Pat under attention creme at the external corners and under my eyes
  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing
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