HHSE Investor Relations

HHSE Investor Relations 1

Without a huge way to obtain P&A money to make films “mid-level” or larger theatrical releases, the majority of Hannover’s net earnings have been produced by direct-to-video-game titles over the past 2 yrs. And it should come as no surprise that the horror-thriller game titles have been the best performers. Hannover has released seven “horror” titles in the past 18-months, every one of which has produced significant revenues and bottom line for the company. That is why our upcoming release slate includes eight more (already announced) titles, with another eight or more in the queue as pending announcements. As our success with this genre’ is continuing to grow, so have the caliber and quality of submissions from manufacturers and agencies.

So you will probably see our core direct-to-video business over the next year or two continue steadily to have a focus on this horror-thriller genre. Lionsgate and Summit in to the “billion-dollar revenue club” of major-studio position. Watch for announcements on new name acquisitions – especially mid-and-event-level projects – and corporate and business ventures over another few weeks. Meanwhile, we’re lovin’ the new film source that the indie-production community retains showing for our DTV home video routine! P.S., we appreciate shareholder suggestions, those that might seem apparent even! But if there are a obviously identifiable and addressable market for an idea or project – and a means to deliver sales results in a cost-effective manner – we’re definitely willing to go over!

Market mistakes: It’s possible that the marketplace is under valuing HP but it is difficult to claim that this is because the marketplace is significantly misplacing in another of the pieces. The truth is that neither part of HP (business services or computer systems/printers) has been doing well and that the marketplace is building in the expectation of carrying on revenue drop and margin compression. Contaminated parts: Neither part of HP holds toxic attachments that may pull the business down.

In reality, the most poisonous parts of HP will be the acquisitions that it has done within the last five years and splitting up into two businesses won’t stop that predilection. Simplicity tale: Is HP easier to value as two businesses than as you? I don’t think so.

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The businesses are not vastly different in their risks and cost structures and on the facial skin of it, there is certainly little to be gained from having two indie units that you could not have gleaned from the consolidated business. There’s a cynical rationale for the break up, which is that it could be exploiting the laziness of equity research analysts, who like to use wide metrics (EBITDA) and the tunnel vision that they bring to their comparisons. SHOULD I think that HP’s price will triple if they break up? Your assessment of this break up boils down almost completely to whether you believe there will be cost savings from the split up and what size and long lasting those savings will be.

Since people are looking for better services at a lower cost, you must review your business strategies at regular intervals. Competitor evaluation will help you to bring some ideas, so keep on analyzing your competition move. By the end the customer satisfaction is the main element for your business success, so you might get their opinions about your services.