The Business Casual Backpacker

The Business Casual Backpacker 1

I got up at 6:15 today to perform. It’s my normal time, but I didn’t sleep that well and sensed sluggish. But which half-marathon this weekend, so I rallied myself into some clothes. NPR said, “It’s colder than you think out there,” therefore i added a headscarf and head wear.

The air did wake me up, at least. Surely got to the fitness center in the breeze and near-dark to discover it was locked. Weird. No anything or sign. Annoying, but it was cold to run outside too, therefore i went home again. Called the fitness center around 7 to see if they’re closed this week for cleaning or another legit reason, and the front-desk guy answered. One hour past due to open up your business during workout hurry hour? Time to purchase some kind of newfangled noisy alarms.

I like my grubby little neighborhood gym, but nonetheless. Too awake to return to bed, I made a decision to fix my bathroom doorknob. The screw was loose and it appeared like tightening it could work, except it didn’t. I attempted a few different screwdrivers for a while, gave up then.

Tossed it in my bag to try the hardware store. Getting the train off, I appreciated I had fashioned a voucher for a free yogurt/granola cup at Jamba Juice. Maybe that’s my reward for getting up early for nothing. But they must have passed out those coupons liberally quite, because the relative line stretched out the entranceway and along a full city stop.

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Free stuff is great, but that isn’t worth it. I have yogurts at work. In fact, I had one just, because I’m looking forward to the second round of May bluelines to reach. Our creation office in Chicago usually content the PDF before we get here, evening got lost someplace in the server ether but two of the data files we moved past due last.

Oh yeah, and there are fruit flies invading my kitchen. A handful Just, but it’s still not cool to relive 7th-grade bio course in my nice clean apartment. This guy in Kentucky says to capture them using a paper funnel and cider vinegar, so we’ll find out if that works. In the upside, I have hot tea to drink and the hardware tale was open early. If Safeway has cider vinegar in stock during my lunch hour, day it might turn out to be a decent.